Unique Ideas for a Theatre Rental

A theatre rental doesn't have to be reserved only for staging a play. Renting one can be a fun and unique way to commemorate a special event, host a speech or cater to a large group. Guests will love the unusual setting and the thought that went into making an occasion memorable. And, of course, the host will have the enjoyment that comes from a well-organized event with minimal fuss. These are four ideas for hosting an event at a local theatre.

1. Weddings

A theatre can be a dramatic, one-of-a-kind location for a wedding ceremony. Guests can sit comfortably in the audience seats while the bride and groom exchange their vows on stage. This is a perfect setting for drama buffs, movie lovers, or anyone who wants a unique setting without resorting to the outdoors. Old spaces are especially well suited for this, as many have interesting architectural details that will be lovely in photos. Décor can be minimal. Consider designing invitations to resemble old playbills. For a fun favour for guests, serve popcorn in old-fashioned containers commemorated with the bride and groom's names and the date of the wedding.

2. Birthday Parties

Consider a theatre rental for a fun, memorable birthday party. Many locations allow the use of their facilities for birthdays, and some even include the food, balloons, and décor. This venue is perfect for a large group, and it is the ideal time to get all the kids together to see the newest animated release, teen-friendly action flick, or age-appropriate comedy. Parents may just need to ask for permission to bring in a cake and candles. Bonus: someone else gets to clean up after the party!

3. Photo Shoots

A theatre can be a great location for a photo shoot. Engagement photos, maternity shoots, wedding photos, and social media promotions can all be staged among the seats, in front of movie posters, or among any interesting details that might be found in the building. The opportunities for creating an original layout are nearly endless. By renting the facility, the photography team can be sure that there will be no onlookers or crowds disrupting the shots. Of course, the photographer should secure all necessary permissions from management ahead of time.

4. Private Showing

Who wouldn't love a private showing of their favourite movie? Anyone can rent a theatre to host a viewing for a small group. This is a great opportunity for independent filmmakers to show off their work, or for a group of super fans to get together regularly to re-watch their favourite heroes battle on screen. The rental fees are usually lower than people anticipate, especially for daytime or after-hours showings. Many facilities welcome the opportunity for additional revenue and offer special discounts for large groups. The organizer of the event should consult with management to determine whether or not a projector and screen will be provided.

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